Bow Tie By Design is an English based company that decided to take a step back in history, adore what once was a beautiful fashion statement, and revitalise its affluence. Through dedicated research into the history and design of the bow tie, Bow Tie By Design was able to restore the stories and styles of the original neckwear. Bow Tie By Design worked closely with bow tie designers from around the world, deciding to launch with designers all the way from South Africa, to Britain, to France, to redesign the past and give life to the niche history of the bow tie.

The first patterned neck tie was first produced around 1900 in the town of Macclesfield in the north of England, East of Cheshire, which became the champion of Europe when it came to all silk trade, manufacturing, cutting, making and trimming.

Macclesfield quickly became a stamp of quality in silk, cotton, and wool in particular to neckwear with this in mind, Bow Tie By Design brought all the research and specifications to seamstresses who have over 7 generations of family run tailoring, cutting, making and trimming to create BTBD’s exclusive and unique designer bow ties, all done in the heart of Macclesfield England.

Bow Tie By Design worked meticulously to find the perfect sources of fabric, which come directly from Britain. Using suppliers with deep understand and knowledge in fine silks, cottons and wools, Bow Tie By Design was able to work closely with a specific criterion to make an exclusive supply chain.


The bow tie is the tie to end all ties, the knot par excellence.

Introduction to Bow

1618-Croatia. Soldiers fighting on the front lines, battle not only with musket and cannon fire but face periling winds and plummeting temperatures below freezing.

To combat the latter, the creative Croatians developed a new style of neckwear; similar to the cravat however uses a different knot that results in a much tighter knot at the collar. A simple accessory like a silk, cotton, or wool scarf or any extra fabric would be used to fasten the collars of the soldiers to prevent any frost bite and saved countless lives during the great “30 Year War”.

However, it wasn’t the functionality of this new invention that captivated the better-funded French soldiers, who fell in love with the aesthetic and rebellious elegance of the new neckwear. So much so that when the French returned home, they took this new style look with them.

The turn of the 18th century had seen a number of different styles of neckwear, most notably amongst the upper classes and fashion aficionados were the bow tie. In 1886, Pierre Lorillard, tobacco manufacturer tycoon, thorough bred race horse owner, banker, amongst other things, wore a black tuxedo accompanied with nothing other than a black bow tie to a formal ball at the Tuxedo Club (New York), the instant hit led to the fashion world exploding from politicians to celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Humphrey Bogart, and Orville Redenbacher alongside wealthy businessmen all adopting the new “black tie” attire.”

The once bold and confident large classic bow tie was lost to the businesses who capitalised on its popularity in essence with business in mind, the industrialisation caused the bow tie’s to become smaller, an offset of using less expensive silk.


The making of our bow ties, are all examined before and during the cutting, making and trimming of our bows, with a final examination of the bow tie being made by one bow tie designer and one head seamstress from the company.  This ensures that the bow tie you receive has been thoroughly checked for any imperfections, so you can wear it with pride and confidence.

The production of our fabrics undergoes rigorous specific tolerances tests to ensure our high level of quality is met. Our suppliers are provided an FSG (Fabric Specification Guideline), which dictates the thickness, strength, and durability; thread count and process of weaving.

BTBD was incorporated in 2014 with the sole aim to develop and produce the finest bow tie in the neckwear market.

Our mission is to see every gentlemen, hipster, trend setter, and every day casual wearer wearing the perfect complimentary bow tie. Whats the right way to wear a bow tie? The BTBD way.


Bow Tie By Design takes exclusivity in the highest regard. Although we are only launching in an exclusively Black and White range, we have been developing limited edition hand-made, screen-printed, hand-drawn, and patterned designer bow ties which are scheduled to launch soon.

That said our wonderful designers have created some of the most amazing and creative hand drawn bow tie pattern designs that will then be sent over to our fabric specialists who will then by the process of screen printing direct to our fabric will create only enough fabric to produce 200 bow ties per one designer pattern, after which not a single meter will be replicated or reproduced and this is because the fabric specification and bow tie designers designs are our own, BTBD have full rights to the products produced, so no other company is able to access the products, patterns, and styles.  Making BTBD bow ties, collectable and truly bespoke.

Bow Tie By Designs bow tie Designers, are given free creative terrain over the colour pallet, alongside a blank canvas of a bow tie, this is the BY DESIGN element of Bow Tie By Design. BTBD designers can choose to dramatize or subdue any artistic element, using any colour they see fit, using any iconology, pattern, print, and so on. BTBD set this as a challenge to our current and recruiting designers to show just how modern and different a BTBD bow tie can be, with only a limited edition of 200 bows per designer range, you can be sure that no one else will have another, so class and chic, and of course exclusively limited edition. This limited editions will also come with authentication from the bow tie designer, the master seamstress, and of course Bow Tie By Design.

Bow Tie By Design, has amassed a catalogue of over 13 different bow tie shapes, developed and moulded by our bow tie designer partners from around the world. Currently we are launching with only 3 shapes, which you may have seen before, but not like these, these are the traditional bow ties, the way they should be. These full bodied bow ties have been developed by their respective designer, if your lucky enough to have one of these bow ties, you will be able to receive insight into what our designers were thinking when creating these bespoke neck pieces.

From the essential existence of the bow tie in the1600’s to the affluence standard of the 1800’s to the 1900’s where the heart of the bow tie in England was brought to light for the public and the world to admire, to 2016 where BTBD exclusively brings the essence, affluence, and heart of the bow tie back to life and offers you a taste of English history, elegance, and quality.

BTBD Pre Tied

We know that most people that wear a bow tie for the first time don’t always know how to tie one themselves but instead usually opt for a pre tied bow tie that is usually worn for a wedding, black tie event, ball, or formal black attire occasion.

The Bow tie originated as a self-tie however as more occasions bid for the use of the silk fashion statement more and more people been stumped by the methodology of knotting the product.

Although most prettied bowties are shunned due to their unimaginative structure through the use of an obscure method of construction, which leads to a fixed knot. Bow Tie By Design decided that through using a patented technique wearers of the pre-tied bow tie would be able to benefit from most of the benefits of the self-tie wearer.

Did you know the conventional method of making a pre tied bow tie doesn’t involve an actual bow tie? Instead it relies on two rectangular pieces of fabric being fastened by another strip of fabric that acts as a knot and is fixed by crude stitching. The results look generic and most importantly lack character, style and individuality.

This method of making pre tied bow ties results in a very rigid two-dimensional product that sits too high on the collar and often points down. We offer a more mature, natural, and bespoke way of making a pre tied bow tie.  Our patented method relies on an actual bow tie, which is customized into our pre tied configuration which then the bows are hand tied by our seamstresses.

Due to this bespoke method of making our pre tied bow tie, the resulting knot and shape will always be slightly marginally different, Our pre tied bow ties are also part adjustable. Which mimics the elasticity and flexibility of a self tied bow tie. The face and back of the bow tie can be pulled out or pulled back in, to make the bow tie either wider or thinner pending on your mood or style.

This BTBD pre tied, will have everyone asking you if it’s a self tied it, and we don’t mind if you smile and say yes, because we are confident that not only will people that admire your bow tie will not be able to tell the difference but also because it is genuinely tied by hand for you using an actual bow tie.

Don’t fall prey to alternatives that will hinder your style and look when wearing a bow tie to an important event; choose a style that will have even the most strong minded bow tie aficionados complementing you on your bow.

Zarazz Pre Tied Bow Tie.

Matilda Flynn Pre Tie Bow Tie.

Pascal Dino Pre Tie Bow Tie.

Bow Tie By Designs bow ties, have all been researched, developed and engineering in England, using the finest 100% silks sourced specifically for the use of the Bow Tie By Design brand. Exclusivity and quality is essential to us, which we pass on to you.

BTBD Self Tie

There are those who choose not to wear a pre tied bow, and quite passionately and openly claims that they only wear a self tie. This particular group of people are what other people would refer to as Bow Tie Aficionados.

The reason for this strong rooted opinion is revealed in history where the bow tie was always a self-tie and the industrialisation caused a retake on its method to make them mass-produced. This offended many people, which later became Bow Tie aficionados.

Despite our unique methods of producing our Pre-tied Bowties, many aficionados remain in the realm of only wearing self-tied bowties. The knot and tying of the self-tied lends itself to the character of the wearer, being able to manipulate and alter to their hearts content

In reality, the self-tie bow is truly the tie to end all ties, the knot par excellence. What we mean by this is that the self-tie bow has so many different looks, dimensions, styles, and method of knot that can always change the final look. This level versatility and flexibility made the self tied bow tie the achievement of many a man.

What makes a BTBD Self Tie Bow Tie unique is the attention to detail, and impeccable difference to conventional bow tie shapes style.

If you’re lucky enough to have a BTBD self tie, designers that have researched the respectable history of the bow tie shape, and added their own technical creativity.  Once the BTBD bow tie designer is happy with the final dimensions and shape of the bow, our seamstresses start off by examining the silk fabric for imperfections. Our seamstresses then mark up the bow tie designer’s shapes and then hand cuts, makes and trims these shapes according to very traditional methods to ensure authenticity but by using a high grade modern equipment can still acquire a high level of precision with every cut.

BTBD has chosen to launch exclusively with the Zarazz Self Tie Bow to introduce you all to the art of creating, and achieving that perfectly knotted, and beautifully crafted self tie bow tie.

Zarazz Self-Tie.


Premium Bow Ties

The production of our fabrics undergoes rigorous specific tolerances tests to ensure our high level of quality is met.


For All Occasions

Bow Tie By Design, has amassed a catalogue of over 13 different bow tie shapes, developed and moulded by our bow tie designer partners from around the world.

Speedy Delivery

All of our bow ties are delivered world wide, UK based deliveries will be sent using Royal Mail tracked and signed to ensure the highest care and attention.