Zarazz is a UK bow tie designer who has chosen to re-engineer the Classic Bow Tie. This full-bodied bow tie, is larger than your average classic bow tie, and when tied gives a prominent and confident look to all those who choose to wear the Zarazz. Its survey shape characterizes the Zarazz. It is the most standard of Bow Tie Shapes, however is the most ultimate expression of a process of evolution, which has lasted almost two centuries.

This traditional take on the classic bow gives the Zarazz self tie the flexibility and versatility to cater for anyone’s affluent or rebellious style or trend.

Available Colours

Pascal Dino

Pascal Dino has chosen to reinvigorate a bow tie, which was popular in the 1970’s amongst famous academy award winning actors and politicians. The decision whether to tie it with the points facing upwards or downwards is up to the wearer and will depend to a certain extent on one’s mood.

This breakaway from the curved or pointed bow tie set the way for the rebel walking the red carpet, the sharp cut throat angles and ability to look both optimistic and pessimistic was the bow of choice for those who wanted to stick out from the black tie crowd.

Available Colours

Matialda flynn

Matilda Flynn has chosen to reinvent the “Diamond Tip” bow tie, she accentuates the asymmetric beauty of the bow tie, and confident and different to the classic take on the bow tie. Here the touch of the bow tie designer is more decisive, and indeed more drastic. There is no time for rounding off corner or for compromises.

This calculated use of both curves and pointed edges overlaid on top of each other create quite a flowery shape, but be careful these rosses have thorns, just like those choosing to put a little bit of Matilda passion in their outfit.

Available Colours