History Of The Bowtie

The history of the bow tie goes back many centuries as it was once used by warriors and is now worn as a statement of luxury and beauty. Upon the arrival of the bow tie into the world of fashion it was a novelty to wear. It was once seen as something modern, elegant and above all smart. As time has passed the bow tie no longer embodies the empowerment it used to hold. The rigid looks of modern prettied bows lack the novelty they once held. The melody they once sang to their audience.

Seeing this change we wanted to take back what was once a statement, something that was once novel. We crafted, we sketched, we analysed. Looking in the deepest corners of history to understand everything there was to know about the bow tie. We wanted to see what had made it once such a stand out piece of fashion. After years of research we stumbled across what what we understood to be the key to standing out.

To simply say we’ve gone back to what bow ties used to look like would be false. We took inspiration from what we knew the bow tie was intended for, and as the designers once had done, we too. Created a modern twist on the rich heritage of the bow tie. A bow tie is not simply a piece of a neckwear that you throw on and off at every party, and we understand that. That is why we created a piece of fashion, rich with it’s anecdotally entangled history and the elegance of modernism. It is not simply a bow tie, it is a bow tie with the knot par excellence

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