BTBD Bowties

In the fast modern world we live in today we are slowly creeping into a blurred society, where individualism transgresses into a monotonous following. As we fight to achieve our individual look, fashion is where most of us turn. Fashion enables us to be who we are, to speak volumes not only to those we communicate with, but to everyone who see’s us. We translate our emotions, our ideologies, our sense of style and interests through what we wear.

The key is the individual look that we want to achieve, and in a place where this becomes clouded is the black tie event. Every man wearing the same suit, maybe a different tone and the odd one with a different colour. We are restricted by what we must wear and not given the opportunity we usually have to express ourselves.

When designing our Bow Tie By Design bow ties, the designers know that individualism is key. They’ve tailored each bow tie to have the adaptability and individualism the wearer deserves. Each bow tie is changeable, each bow tie enables the wearer to create the tie they want. To express the feelings they want. In a place where expression is censored by our dress code, a bow tie is our escape, our way to to express ourselves.

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