The chances are that your diary holds more party invitations than usual for this month and next. Now that we’ve put the more extreme costumes of Halloween behind us, there’s Bonfire Night and all manner of Christmas events to dress for. With work, family and social occasions to look forward to, you’ll want to look your best. With a bit of planning and perhaps a small step outside your comfort zone, you could make this your most stylish festive season yet.

The different events you’re heading to may have different sartorial rules or expectations, but it’s still possible to find variation within those constraints. Remember that there’s always a way to make it work for you so that you feel true to yourself and have a great time. For example, a black tie dress code might call for the eternal dinner jacket and bow tie combination, but there are ways to vary it. Pair our bold classic Zarazz tie in black with a satin-lapelled jacket for a razor-sharp look, or dial the formality back a touch and team a sleek shawl-collared jacket with a slim Pascal Dino tie in white for the ultimate in laid-back style. For more relaxed events, keep the dinner jacket but pair it with a fine polo-neck knit and slim trousers for effortless cool.


You may also want to think about who you will be attending various events with, or who might see you there. Making the effort to plan what you’re going to wear not only ensures you will look and feel good but also pays a compliment to your fellow party-goers – you’re telling them you value their opinion and notice what they’re wearing too. It’s to be expected that you will give investment pieces like a suit or jacket more than one outing, but you can signal your interest in style by making subtle adjustments or substitutions to your outfits. Accessories are a great way of doing that.

It’s not hard to find style inspiration at the moment, especially if you venture out to the city centre or shopping mall – the shops are full of ideas for seasonal party wear. To inject a subtle dose of colour and texture, consider a jacket in dark green or plum velvet and keep everything else black, bow tie included. While you can buy bow ties in the shops, on closer inspection you’ll see that most are not really proper bow ties at all but are made from a strip of fabric stitch across fixed wings. For a step up in quality, you need one of Bow Tie By Design’s hand-made true bow ties, made by hand-tying a bow tie. The difference in design and expertise shows in the overall effect of your final look.

Whatever type of party you’re dressing for this winter, you can add your own stamp of style and class. A combination of investment dressing and seasonal updates is the key to ensuring you always look good, no matter what the occasion. Of course you’ll leave an impression on the people you meet with your sparkling conversation and dazzling smile, but the icing on the cake will be how good you look and feel. Now that’s worth raising a glass to!

Up until recently I had kept my bow ties in box waiting for an event that would be fit for my bow tie. Although I used my bow ties whenever I got the chance I would never wear them in a casual setting. This all changed on a Saturday in mid October when planning on what I would wear a small spark inside of me opted for wearing the bow tie out in a casual setting. I picked out a casual shirt, and blazer and wore one of my finest bow ties, and although I would have not usually done such a thing, the decision was bliss.

Immediately upon wearing the bowtie I felt my confidence escalate, I knew I was standing out, but I had no insecurities. I felt so fulfilled with my bow tie and my look that sense of self doubt cascaded over me. I ventured out into the world a more confident man, and upon arriving the bar that I had intended to visit my confidence was uplifted even more so. From getting out of the car and walking into the bar I had received a culmination of 3 compliments on my look, a stark contrast to my normal experience. I rejoiced in another compliment by the barmaid upon ordering my drinks and throughout the night the bow tie not only became apart of my look making me more confident. It also provided a night filled with surprising conversation from strangers. Both men and women approaching me talking to me about my bow tie and asking about my choice to wear it.

I had never expected to have such a alternate experience due to wearing such a small piece of clothing. However in a bar filled with only undone collars and neck ties, I guess to most it was a fresh of breath air, an exploration into something new, and a way to bring a schism into the already rigid dress code. To those intending to wear a bow tie on a casual occasion, I would recommend nothing more. Nothing matches numerous compliments and a night of intellectual conversations with strangers.

The history of the bow tie goes back many centuries as it was once used by warriors and is now worn as a statement of luxury and beauty. Upon the arrival of the bow tie into the world of fashion it was a novelty to wear. It was once seen as something modern, elegant and above all smart. As time has passed the bow tie no longer embodies the empowerment it used to hold. The rigid looks of modern prettied bows lack the novelty they once held. The melody they once sang to their audience.

Seeing this change we wanted to take back what was once a statement, something that was once novel. We crafted, we sketched, we analysed. Looking in the deepest corners of history to understand everything there was to know about the bow tie. We wanted to see what had made it once such a stand out piece of fashion. After years of research we stumbled across what what we understood to be the key to standing out.

To simply say we’ve gone back to what bow ties used to look like would be false. We took inspiration from what we knew the bow tie was intended for, and as the designers once had done, we too. Created a modern twist on the rich heritage of the bow tie. A bow tie is not simply a piece of a neckwear that you throw on and off at every party, and we understand that. That is why we created a piece of fashion, rich with it’s anecdotally entangled history and the elegance of modernism. It is not simply a bow tie, it is a bow tie with the knot par excellence